3 Steps choose best led bulbs for street lights

If you want to perfectly bulbs for street lights to retrofit Metal Halide lamp/High-pressure sodium lamp, you need to know the below steps.

Many clients have questions about how to correctly replace the traditional HID, here is mostly offen to be asked:

Which watt LED to replace HID? 50w replace 150w SON, 100w replace 400w HPS?


LED size is much bigger than traditional lamps, how can we put them into exsisiting fixture?


What color should I choose to make uniform of original street lightings?

If you have same questions, probobaly you select the wrong products for your street lighting project.

Any product on the market is developed for a specific application. No one product fits all. Therefore, try to choose the most suitable product for a certain project will according to different application (fixtures) and requirements.

If you want to make the right choice, serval factors you shouldn't ignore.


What kind of light bulbs are used in street lights?

There are many types of street lighting bulb types, including Incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent light, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), mercury vapor light bulbs, and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, low pressure (LPS) sodium lamps, metal halide light bulbs.


In recent years, within the strengthening of energy saving, governments published a series of policies to speed up the replacement of traditional light bulbs. Some bulbs are rarely seen on the market. Today we mainly discuss 3 kinds of bulbs commonly used in street lamps. High Pressure Mercury lamp, High Pressure Sodium street lights, Metal Halide Lamp.

Retrofit led on street light luminaries?​​​​​​​


Here list of the traditional lamp's lumen output and Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor (LLMF) 50% lumen output.



Street lamp bulb replacement- LED vs traditional lamp datasheet comparision:

Knowing these basic parameters is very helpful for us to choose the appropriate wattage.
The following replacement of HID is used led corn bulbs with E screw base. But we cannot directly make decesion only for lumen. There are serval important factors need to be considered. 

However, we believe this table has given you an approximate wattage range for LED bulbs to HID.




12w-54w most common use led bulbs replace CFL 18W to 105W; HPL 80w to 250w retrofit; SON 50w to150w replacement.




Lutous 30w-50w LED mostly used for post top retrofit HID from 80w to 125w.

180D LED bulbs 25w-55w retrofit HID 70W-250W used for cobra head fixture.
Above table, you will see different kinds of led bulbs replacing different traditional lights? 
And the same SON 150W, we can use 
54w, 360 degrees, 120lm/w; 
55w, 180 degrees, 120lm/w; 
35w, 360 degrees, 135lm/w; 
50w, 360 degrees, 135lm/w; 
80w, 360 degrees, 135lm/w, 
even 80w, 360 degrees, 160lm/w
But which lamp should we choose?

This related to what kind of street lighting fixture you used? 

As mentioned earlier, No any product fits all, every product is developed for a specific application. So let's see what kind of street lighting fixtures exisiting and which bulb is for your street lighting fixture?

How to choose right bulbs for my existing lighting fixture?

FL-CL360D series from 12w to 54w, can be E26/E27/E39/E40 screw base.



1. 360degree beam angle, LEDs on bottom

2. IP65 waterproof.

3. Aluminum body for good heat sink, longlife span.
4. 5 years warranty
5. Easy replacement and maintance
Application: Garden, courtyard, tility warehouse bulb replacement, any outdoor application.
Suitable fixtures: openning or 100% enclosed fixture both ok. Mostly round shape like bollard light, wall light fixture, buckhead, hanging light...
Installation height:   3 meters

FL-CL360D Lotus series from 30w to 50w, E26/E27/E39/E40 base optional

1. 360degree beam angle, bottom without LEDs
2. IP65 waterproof.
3. Aluminum body for good heat sink, longlife span.
4. 5 years warranty
5. Easy replacement and maintance

Application: Garden, courtyard, parking lot light bulb replacement, any outdoor application.

Suitable fixtures: openning or 100% enclosed fixture both ok. Mostly round shape. As no LEDs on bottom, so mostly used for Tutle safe, avoid light pollution project in North and South market. 

In Europe market, mostly used in countryside project on wall, see below image. Because the light is not dazzling as milky cover, and no shadows on floor.

Installation height: 2- 3 meters


FL-180D series from 25w to 55w, can be E26/E27/E39/E40 screw base.

1. 180degree beam angle

2. IP42, non-waterproof
3. Aluminum body for good heat sink, longlife span
4. 5 years warranty
5. Easy replacement and maintance

Application: led street light replacement, parking lot areas.

Suitable fixtures: cobra head fixture which illuminate vertically downward to floor

Installation height: 3- 5 meters

FL-360D WYX series is patent design products from us, developed for small size street lighting fixtures with high power requirement. 

To retrofit 250w SON used 80w led corn bulbs in market size: D 133mm * H 302mm. Too big to install original small size housing. Achieve 12800lm keep same size as 250w SON, that's ideal products for retrofit.


Power: 35w -175w

Base: E26/E27 for 35w/ 50w/ 80w; If need E39/E40 base, need adapter

           E39/ E40 for 80w-175w



1. Small size, big power.

2. 175w reach to 28,000lm, Philip chips, 160lm/w

3. Lighting distribution keep same as original SON/ HPL/ MHL installed in fixture
4. 360degree beam angle, LEDs in bottom

5. Fans help for heating, so must be used for 100% enclosed fixture
6. Temperature protection equipment ensure lifespan, >80℃ working enviorment, reduce to 60% power working.

Application: High speed way, main street lighting road, auxiliary road, electrolier street lights.

Above listed retrofit led on street light luminaries features and application. Believe you have more confidence about which model you should to use for your exisiting lightings. But that's not enough to perfectly retrofit. Here is the third important factor to consider - color temperature.

  1. What color temperature close to traditional metal halide bulbs or high pressure sodium lamps?
What is color temperature? What's LEDs color?
Here is the explanation from Wikipedia:
The color temperature of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from an ideal black body is defined as its surface temperature in kelvins, or alternatively in micro reciprocal degrees (mired).Many other light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, or light emitting diodes (LEDs) emit light primarily by processes other than thermal radiation. This means that the emitted radiation does not follow the form of a black-body spectrum. These sources are assigned what is known as a correlated color temperature (CCT).

This explanation is too professional, let's make it simple, use the temperature K to represent the color of light. for example:
For colors based on black-body theory, blue occurs at higher temperatures, whereas red occurs at lower temperatures. This is the opposite of the cultural associations attributed to colors, in which "red" is "hot", and "blue" is "cold"
For lighting building interiors, it is often important to take into account the color temperature of illumination. A warmer (i.e., a lower color temperature) light is often used in public areas to promote relaxation, while a cooler (higher color temperature) light is used to enhance concentration, for example in schools and offices.
From left image the sodium color temperature is actually 1700k, which looks orange, even a little reddish. Common LEDs color is from warm white 3000k to cool white 6500k.

So do you want to keep the same color of a traditional sodium lamp or use white LEDs? Is possible LEDs achieve same effection of traditional lamp color?

---The answer is yes.

LEDs achieve different color vision by changing the ratio of surface phosphors. For details of different color temperatures, you can refer to below article to deeply understand Which color temperature is the ideal one for metal halide lamp's retrofit, 1500K 2000K 2100K 2200K 2300K 3000K?
You already got the answer of how to choose the right bulbs for street ligh according to above 3 important factors.
Let's talk about how to install?


  1. How to install LED bulbs?
Step 1:
Remove ballast.
Step 2: 
Reconnect lamp holder.
Step 3:
Install new LED lamp

  1. What's the price of street lamp bulbs from Chinese manufacturers?

  1. How long does a street light bulb last?
The most advantage of LED is longlife span. Theoretical data is 50,000hours. It doesn't mean that bulbs didn't work after 50,000hours later, but keep 70% brightness after 50,000 hours. 5-10 years usage ok.

  1. Can street lights be dimmed?
Many street lighting projects hope to achieve dimming for smart lighting control, can it be achieved?

Yes, please check our 3000k street lighting dimming case with intelligent system to manage the whole city.

  1. Summery 3 Steps choose best led bulbs for street lights?
Step 1: Check your original bulbs model, power and lumen. Confirm LED watt to replace.
Step 2: Check your fixture shape, size and find best suitable led bulbs.
Step 3: Get to know what colors your project request.
Beileve you are confidenece with which bulbs you will use for your project if you finished this article. What are you looking for? 
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