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LED HID Replacement Bulbs 

High Power, small size are the best advantages.LED HID bulbs include 12W-175W replace max 400W Metal Halide Lamps and High Pressure Sodium Lamps. 125-160lm/w, 3-5 year warranties.

LED Retrofit Module

Customized Retrofit Module specially designed for outdoor post top fixtures. Especially for Europe Market. 30W 40W 50W 60W are the most common used. 


LED High Bays

100W- 240W dustproof feature design UFO High Bay special for dust area, easy clean. 160lm/w, 5 year warranties.

LED Linear Fixtures

LED Linear Light widely used for office, 4S Stores and shopping mall. >50 models for your choice, always high quality products with 5 year warranties.

PAR20/ PAR30/ PAR38

8000K-10000K PAR30-35W and PAR38-60W is our most popular products for jewelry store. Perfect lighting design always stratified with clients.

LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light is much popular for modern building design. Single white or RGB color; DMX or Digital functional as you request.




IR Lighting

IR Lighting specially for Art restoration work, art reproduction. Wavelength 720-1100nm customized, 850nm or 940nm becomes a photographic light most popular.


LED Flood Light                      

10W 20W 30W 50W 70W 100W 150W 200W LED Flood Light for outdoor building decoration. Red Blue Green color and sensor functional. Up to 160lm/w, 5 year warranties.


LED Street Light

LED Street Light 20W-300W max replaced 750W MHL, HPS, HQI. 

150-160lm/w, 5 year warranties.



LED Panel Light

600x600; 300x1200; 600x1200 Anti glare design LED Panel Light, UGR<19. 100- 125lm/w, 5 year warranties.


Magnetic Track Light System


The Running Magnet System is a new trend of home decoration. DIY your space with different lamps, shape and installation way.


LED Downlights

Anti-glare design LED Downlight, UGR<13 is the ideal products for 4S Car Shop, 5 star hotel and shopping mall projects. 5 year warranties products.

Indoor Wall Light

Wall sconce lighting maximizes floor space, making them an attractive solution for smaller rooms. Choose the most suitable lighting for your room.


LED Tube

T5 T8 LED Tube is the typical lamps replace the traditional Fluorescent lights. 160lm/w, 5 year warranties.



LED High Mast Light           

100W 240W 300W 480W 600W 720W 840W 960W 1080W 1440W 1800W LED High Mast Light used for Stadium, Sport areas, Parking lot, Tunnels. Up to 160lm/w, 5 year warranties.

LED Grow Light

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 100W-800W, meet needs for commercial Cannabis, Hemp’s growing. With experienced customized growing lights for Indoor aquaponics system.


LED Tri-Proof Light


2FT to 8FT, 20w-100w optional tri-proof led lighting. Tool-free installation with sensor functional. Up to 140lm/w, 5 year warranties.

LED Track Lighting

Zoomable Tracking lighting design is best choice for art gallery, museum. CRI 97 is a standard request products. 5 year warranties.


LED Pendant Light

Modern Nordic design LED Pendant Light bring a new style & feel into your space. Variety colors & styles to choose and easy hanging installation.

Aluminum Profile

>100 different size and styles aluminum profile for your choice, save your mold design cost. Round, square, circle shape, any length you request. Recessed, hanging, surface mounted changeable.

E base Adapter

Different E screw base converters for led lamps.


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