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Which color temperature is the ideal one for metal halide lamp's retrofit, 1500K 2000K 2100K 2200K 2300K 3000K?

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Summary: This article mainly discusses traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps' color temperature retrofit. For different project, there are some customized color temperature needs. Let’s see what they are.

You will get below information from this article:

  • Traditional lamps' type, color temperature and photometric

  • LEDs color temperature and photometric

  • The real images of traditional lamps' color compare with led lamps' color

  • Summery, which color temperature is better for retrofit?

  • Traditional lamps' type, color temperature and photometric

Traditional HID mainly includes high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, and metal halide lamp. Today we are mainly discussing industrial lighting application, such as street lighting, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition centers, large shopping malls, industrial plants, train stations and seaport application. Therefore, the required wattage is generally from 70w-400w.

traditional lamps type

a>  High pressure mercury lamps and high pressure sodium lamps mostly used for High bay lighting, industrial workshops, exhibition halls, hypermarkets, shopping malls, DIY stores, churches, airports and train stations. 100w 250w 400w color temperature is 4000k-4500k natural white and 6000k cool white, Such as philips HPL 400w mercury vapor lamp and Philip MASTER HPI Plus 400W.

Photometric image and real color for eyes when lighting. 4000k and 6000k color temperature are the regular color temperature for any brand of LEDs, so we will not focus on this color temperature today.

Philips HPL 400w mercury vapor lamp and photometric:

philip high mercury lamp HPL-N 400W E39philip high mercury lamps photometric

Philip MASTER HPI Plus 400W lamp and photometric:


The real image when lighting, it looks like cool white:

philips HPL 400w mercury vapor lamp color

b> The High-pressure sodium lamp looks yellow to the human eye, concentrated at 1900k-2000k. Warm white color has a strong penetrating, which is illuminate objects in foggy weather. They are mainly used for Road and residential lighting, Decorative floodlighting, Commercial and industrial applications. When we use LEDs to replace the traditional HPS, color temperature cannot correspond because of the spectrum of the high-pressure sodium lamp is a multi-color mixture, but the LEDs is artificially toned, and it is more monochromatic. Let’s check most common used Philip SON High Pressure Sodium lamps’ photometric and LED lamps’ photometric to see what’s different.

Philip Son-70w lamp and photometric:

Philip son 70wphilip son 70w photometric

Philip Son-250w lamp and photometric:

philip son 250wphilip son 250w photometric

  • LEDs color temperature and photometric

2013k 131.2lmw

2000K Photometric test report

Power: 79.5w

Efficiency: 131.2lm/w

CCT: 2013K

2088K 135.6lmw

2100K Photometric test report

Power: 83.4w

Efficiency: 135.6lm/w

CCT: 2088K

2231k 120.6lmw

2200K Photometric test report

Power: 83.4w

Efficiency: 120.6lm/w

CCT: 2231K

2286k 106lmw

2300K Photometric test report

Power: 25.6w

Efficiency: 106.3lm/w

CCT: 2286K

3033k 146lmw

                                   3000K Photometric test report

                                                           Power: 84.4w

                                                    Efficiency: 146.6lm/w

                                                            CCT: 3033K

  • The real images of traditional lamps' color compare with led lamps' color

The real lighting image about Philip Son-250w and 70w lamp:

philip son 70w and 250w color

Led lamps 2000k, 2100k, 2200k, 2300k and 3000k real lighting image and video show:


2000k 50W LED Lamp


2100k 175W LED Lamp


2200k 80W LED Lamp

2286 amber color

2300k 24W LED Lamp


3000k 80W LED Lamp

2100K, 2200K, 2300K, 3000K Lighting video show:

Have you feel that when you star at 2300k color led lamps, your eyes feel uncomfortable? Which looks more yellow, and we call it amber color. When you continue to observe the light for more than 10 seconds, your eyes will feel uncomfortable. It's because the penetrating power of the light has improved. Visibility is higher. Conducive to keep illuminate objects in foggy weather. Used for the highways roads and some main lighting roads.

Check this 2300k video again in exhibition:

When doing some high pressure sodium lamps' replacement projects, they hope to have more red light, which makes people feel warmer. When these street lights were replaced, people did feel it's changes. Look at this image:

led street light looks like red color

1500k redder LEDs are for this kind of project. The light shown in the video deviates from the actual photos taken by the mobile phone, and the light appears to be reddish to human eyes.

Here is a video show, please check

1500k Real lighting image and test report

                                      1500k 50W LED Lamp

1506k 108lmw

1500K Photometric test report

Power: 49.8w

Efficiency: 108.11lm/w

CCT: 1506K

PS: Generally, the lower the color temperature, the lower the light efficiency. The lamps for testing is used Philips 3030 160lm/w based on 5000k, but when color at 1500-2300k, the efficiency will reduce to 106-146lm/w.

  • Summery, which color temperature is better for retrofit?

Which color temerpature will you choose for your project? The standard always in government tender, also related with local culture. For the retrofit project, color temperature, lumen output requirement, power, size, exisiting lighting housing and the real application are all the factors we need to consider. So, based on certain project, the exactly best solution could be offered. 

Do you have such a similar customized color temperature project? Let's discuss your needs.

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